Top Virtual Data Room Service Providers

With an increase in the number of business documents, it is more difficult to organize effective preparation, coordination, and control over business transaction execution. For this purpose, companies use virtual data rooms to automate and optimize primary business workflows. So, what are the best software providers?

Virtual data room: an overview of capabilities

The digital transformation era has changed the view of the role and tasks of such a class of enterprise applications as virtual data rooms. Previously, they were considered mainly as solutions for the unification and automation of mass processes, allowing, first of all, to reduce the operating costs of a business. Today, as companies increasingly value qualities such as rapid adaptation to change and organizational agility, data rooms are becoming one of the key tools for fast optimization and implementation of innovations and customization of company processes based on the needs of its customers.

A digital data room is not just a program or a tool but a whole range of activities for organizing people, building communications, and jointly solving problems. We present the most popular data room solutions offered by vendors, placed in the public domain:

  • DealRoom
  • Intralinks
  • Merill
  • iDeals
  • SecureDocs
  • Digify
  • Citrix
  • Ansarada 
  • SmartRoom
  • Clinked
  • Onehub
  • Firmex
  • ShareVault.

The software capabilities help to optimize the company’s processes, transfer them to the digital environment and provide full control over the execution of processes across a wide range of metrics. During the process implementation, the system automatically creates tasks for performers at each stage, controls the deadlines for execution, and notifies the process participants about the occurrence of events. In addition, operational control tools allow you to determine at any time which stages of the process have already been completed, at what stage, and which executor the process is currently in.

Reasons to use data room in your company

Digital data room solutions are necessary tools for all modern companies as they ensure many benefits:

  • Saving time. With the data room, you no longer have to perform the same routine tasks constantly. Skilled employees can leave simple functions to the computer and take on more important intellectual tasks that promote professional growth and bring more value to the company.
  • Efficient data management. Documents stored digitally are accessible from any device connected to the Internet and are easier to find by title, author, or content. The full list of benefits that can be obtained from implementing a digitalized workflow system depends on the supplier. For example, if you turn to a company specializing only in document automation, there will usually be more advantages.
  • Exclusion of the human factor. The user creates documents without errors in a few clicks because he does not work with the text directly but simply answers the questionnaire’s questions. The file is automatically generated based on the answers – enter the essential conditions and click one button; there will be no errors. The drawn-up contract can be downloaded in docx or pdf format and sent to the electronic document management system used by the company.
  • Security. Some paper documents disappear during business processes and are never recovered. In the case of data room software, your documents are safe as they are stored on a cloud server. The data room creates backup copies of documents, and you will have access to them anytime. In addition, the data room ensures data encryption, access right control, digital watermarks, and two-factor authentication.